Course waste water treatment

Course waste water treatment

Showcase 4EWS needs well trained staff (both knowledge and skills) to improve the operating and maintenance of the treatments plants. In this showcase a module ‘Basics of waste water treatment’ for operators grade 10/12 will be designed, developed and delivered according to the ISO 9001 certified procedures of ‘Wateropleidingen’. Water professionals from EWS and Waternet will take part in the customizing of the module. Professionals of EWS will be trained to become trainers for this module and in the future the module will be delivered to the operators of EWS by the trainers/professionals of EWS.4organisation training

pdfCoE showcase 4 - Course Waste Water Treatment


The Netherlands and the Republic of South Africa have a long lasting relationship. Until recently this relationship had a focus on development cooperation. Although South Africa still has many development goals ahead, it is not considered to be a developing country anymore (from the perspective of the Dutch government) and is currently in a ‘transition’ phase. As a result the long lasting relationship is transformed from aid to trade. The Centre of Expertise assists in this transformation.


April 1st 2012 - April 1st 2016



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