Corporate Story

The Centre of Expertise is an initiative by EThekwini Water & Sanitation and various Dutch partners. It is funded for its start-up period by The Dutch Government.

Under the general framework a series of pilot projects will be executed to showcase the implementation of new technologies and knowledge at EThekwini Water & Sanitation. For these individual pilot projects contribution and support from various partners will be combined.

The Centre of Expertise is an umbrella, under which numerous showcase projects will be carried out for the benefit of the Southern African Water & Sanitation sector.  

Our Aim

The Centre of Expertise aims to match the South African water knowledge and technology needs with the Dutch water knowledge and innovations. Targets for the Centre of Expertise are to improve the performance of Southern African peer utilities and assist them in implementing these innovations, best practices and technologies.

A year-by-year list of selected showcase projects and pilots will be used to maintain focus and allow for varying partnerships and supports.

Our Activities

The Centre of Expertise activities are based on the following 5 pillars;

  1. NEEDS of Southern African Water & Sanitation sector
  2. ACTIVE MATCHMAKING by Centre of Expertise on innovative Technology
  3. SHOWCASING technology following EXISTING Supply Chain Management procedures
  4. DISSEMINATION of results through CERTIFIED TRAINING, offered by Southern African training institutes