The comparative study for the use of PVC and HDPE water mains

The comparative study for the use of PVC and HDPE water mains

Showcase3Water distribution pipe networks should last for many decades and thus it is essential to base any replacement strategy on a life cycle basis, rather than possible short-term benefits, such as the pipe’s initial cost. EWS therefore commissioned a comparative investigation into the advantages and disadvantages of using different pipe materials as part of the quest to reach the optimum life cycle cost.1decision support

pdfCoE showcase 3 - Comparative study for the use of PVC and PE water mains


The results comprise independently obtained technical information & data plus two spreadsheet-based tools to assist EWS in making informed decisions when choosing between PVC, HDPE, and PE 100-RC for use in distribution mains under given circumstances.

Status & Feedback

The showcase has been concluded in 2013.



Simon Scruton Pr. Eng. MSc. Eng (Civil) MSAICE

Senior Manager: Non-Revenue Water Branch eThekwini Water and Sanitation

Tel: +27 (0) 31 311 8744

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A literature survey of the materials, their advantages and installation requirements, resulted in the development of two spreadsheet tools:

1. Comparative Life Cycle Cost Calculator

2. Decision Making Spreadsheet


Training on how to use the model is available. Please contact Simon Scruton (see contact) for more details.

All training will be offered by dedicated training institutes later this year.


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